Southern Sardinia - To See & Do

It has taken much longer for visitors to discover the incredibly wild, beautiful and unspoilt territory of Southern Sardinia; now home to some of the most enthralling Sardinia points of interest.

Less commercialised than the north of the island, the southern coastline boasts stunning beaches and crystal clear seas teeming with dramatic mountain ranges, interesting wildlife and prehistoric sites.

  • Nora - Visit the Roman ruins at Nora including the amphitheatre, the raised Temple of Tanit, tombs, Roman baths decorated with mosaics... a spectacular and atmospheric setting by the sea, certainly one of the top Sardinia points of interest.
  • Grotte di Is Zudas - An interesting trip can be made to the caves of Is Zuddas, on the road between Teulada and Santadi. Discovered in the 60s, they are among the most beautiful natural caves on the island.
  • Sant' Antioco and San Pietro Islands - Among the area's most appealing destinations, both islands are haven for nature lovers and also offer some excellent restaurants.
  • Cagliari's old town - The old town stands on a dramatic hilltop site, with extensive lagoons and salt flats to each side. Take time to wander through the narrow streets to explore the old Citadel and stop at Bastione San Remy for majestic views over the city, sea and mountains beyond.
  • Costa Rei - On the south east coast, the Costa Rei offers excellent swimming from flawless sandy beaches interspersed with secluded coves.

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