Southern Sardinia - Diary Of Events

Southern Sardinia hosts several festivals and events annually, ranging from vibrant carnivals to religious festivities, all giving you a chance to experience a flavour of authentic Sardinia.

Many of the festivities are traditions that have been ongoing for centuries and reveal a lot about the Sardinians themselves and their history. The magnificent costumes and jewellery that the women wear highlight the handicrafts of the island.

Festivals in Sardinia often have a religious theme but there are a plethora of others that celebrate annual events including the fish festival in July where you can sample fried fish or the International Jazz festival in August, one of the most important festivals in Sardinia. We have compiled a list of the main festivals and events so if you are lucky enough to be in Sardinia when one is on, you have no excuse to miss it!

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Easter - Various locations

At many towns and villages all over the island you will see the local costumes, processions and dramatic displays of Sardinia's various festas commemorating the celebration and history of the Easter season and holiday.


Sant’ Efisio - Cagliari

The Sant' Efiso festival takes place in Cagliari each year and amongst many festivities it includes the "grand procession" which is largely to commemorate the end of the plague in 1656. It is a magical celebration for the people of Sardinia based around their faith and local folklore of the sacred and the profane.

Monumenti Aperti - Cagliari

The 'Monumenti Aperti' was set up to give access to monuments and museums that are tradtionally inaccessible to the general public. This happens across the island throughout the summer, but is particularly prominent in Cagliari during the month of May, where there are various exhibitions and open gallery events, plus the events connected with the Sant' Efisio festival.


Sagra delle Ciliegie "The Cherry Festival"- Burcei

The town of Burcei celebrates each year their historic harvest of cherries as the village workers and their families would come out to hand pick all of the cherries. There also used to be an after party, and this is also re-created for the festival.  Tourists are welcome to the festival, which also features street stalls selling other delights from the local area including food and drink, and artifacts made locally.


Sagra delle Pesche "The Peach Festival"- San Sperate

This museum village near Cagliari commemorates its patron saint and its valuable agricultural roots each year with this festival for the growing of fruit (mainly peaches making the village name) and vegetables, beekeeping and honey. The village contains many historical sights and artefacts including the smiling mask, ancient roman remains and the colourful murals painted on the village walls and houses inspired by local artist Pinuccio Sciola, who also has also created a newer memorial to the fall of the twin towers.

Rosso Tango Art Festival - Cagliari

During this 5-day festival, tango dancing couples will compete on the Bastione Saint Remy stage under the eyes of a jury composed of professionals and amateurs in order to win the title of “Rising Stars” of the Rosso Tango Art Festival. There are also classes available for the adventurous among you...


Round Sardinia Race - Cagliari

An exciting sailing competition which starts at the Port of Cagliari, goes around the entire island in an anticlockwise direction, with the finish line being back in Cagliari.  Started in 2006, this is a challenging technical race for the entrants and also showcases the beautiful coastline and entices many boats, yachts and spectators to the port of Cagliari.


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