Southern Sardinia

It has taken much longer for visitors to discover the incredibly wild, beautiful and unspoilt region of Southern Sardinia. It's a hidden gem, teeming with dramatic mountain ranges, interesting wildlife and prehistoric sites.

This region’s real lures are its pristine and uncrowded beaches that punctuate most of the southern coastline. Yet there is a good deal else to draw you here: the dramatic sweep of the inland Sulcis mountains, the character filled town of Pula with its neat piazza and fine restaurants; and the capital itself which throbs with typical Sardinian energy. 

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At the centre of the Golfo di Cagliari, the city of Cagliari is very impressive with a castle and medieval walls.


Pula, Chia and the Costa del Sud

15-20 minutes along the coastal road west of Pula are the dazzling white sand dunes of Chia. Set in a transparent sea in a kaleidoscope of green and blues, this stretch of coast provides one of the prettiest drives on the island.

Villasimius, Solanas & Porto Sa Ruxi

To the east of Cagliari, the coastline is one of the most alluring on the island and is sprinkled with residential resorts such as Solanas, Porto Sa Ruxi and Villasimius.

Sant'Antioco & San Pietro

Sant’Antioco is Italy’s fourth largest island and is reached by a narrow man-made causeway, originally built by the Romans.

Things to See & Do

It has taken much longer for visitors to discover the incredibly wild, beautiful and unspoilt territory of Southern Sardinia.

Beaches, Sports & Activities

This region has everything from water sports to waterparks so you will never be short of something to do.

Diary of Events

The island hosts a feast of festivals and events throughout the year from colourful carnivals to religious processions and these are your chance to experience a piece of true Sardinia.


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