Palau & Porto Pollo

Explore the towns of Palau & Porto Pollo in the north east part of Sardinia - two lesser know towns but both bursting with interesting sights and an atmosphere all their own.


This lively small town and port is primarily a beach resort with its own selection of shops, bars and restaurants. Around 3kms to the north of the town is Fortezza di Monte Altura, a 19th century bastion on a rocky slope above the town. From Palau you can also take a boat trip out to nearby islands. The ferry boats leave from the harbour to cross over to the intriguing islands of La Maddalena, a favourite sailing area for yachters and Caprera where the Italian hero Garibaldi spent the last third of his life.

Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo sits 7kms west of Palau and has become something of a Mecca for water sport pilgrims. Considered the best on the island, the local conditions are excellent for windsurfing and you could also try your hand at kite surfing, diving and sailing.

Views across Palau, Sardinia.  - mec17 | Shutterstockmec17 | Shutterstock

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