The North East - Diary Of Events

The island hosts a feast of festivals and events throughout the year from colourful carnivals to religious processions and provide your chance to experience a piece of true Sardinia.

Many of the festivities are traditions that have been ongoing for centuries and reveal a lot about the Sardinians themselves and their history. The magnificent costumes and jewellery that the women wear highlight the handicrafts of the island.

Festivals in Sardinia often have a religious theme but there are a plethora of others that celebrate annual events including the fish festival in July where you can sample fried fish or the International Jazz festival in August, one of the most important festivals in Sardinia. We have compiled a list of the main festivals and events so if you are lucky enough to be in Sardinia when one is on, you have no excuse to miss it!

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Events in Sardinia:


Various Locations

At many towns and villages all over the island you will see the local costumes, processions and dramatic displays of Sardinia's various festas commemorating the celebration and history of the Easter season and holiday.


Solaris Days & Solaris Cup - Porto Rotondo

A major international sailing regatta taking place in Porto Rotondo bringing many spectators to the area to soak up the excitement of such an event and admire the skills and sailing boats of the competitors. In 2019 this will be held from May 30th - June 2nd.

San Simplicio - Olbia

Saint Simplicio is the patron saint of Olbia and every year the inhabitants organise a number of events to celebrate his martyrdom. Various activities happen around the city throughout May, but the 15th is dedicated to Saint Simplico and a procession moves through the town, made up of numerous folk groups in local costume.


Baltic Cup - Porto Cervo

A sailing show organised by the Yachting Club of Costa Smeralda.YCCS of Porto Cervo. This event attracts many visitors spectators to the port and town of Porto Cervo to admire all types of sailing crafts.

Smeralda 888 European Cup - Porto Cervo

An international yacht race and sailing exhibition using the 8.88m long Smeralda 888 yachts. Teams from the many international yacht clubs compete on many courses over the three day event. This event attracts many spectators to the port and town of Porto Cervo.

Loro Piana Super Yacht Regatta

This regatta is made for luxury boats who race in the stupendous scenery around the La Maddalena islands. Organised by the Yachting Club Costa Smeralda, and sponsored by one of Italy's best known luxury brands, it is the regatta that opens the Mediterranean super yacht calendar.

Le Cozze di Olbia

June is 'mussel month' throughout Olbia and the Galluran coast, and in over 30 local restaurants the shellfish is celebrated in a number of different dishes - including some desserts! There are various exhibitions throughout the region, including some cooking classes.


Fish Festival - Santa Teresa Gallura

The Fish Fair in Santa Teresa Gallura marks the rebellion of 1802 and is also a celebration of the sea's offerings, with an abundance of fish species and fried fish delicacies and dishes for sampling.


International Folklore Festival - Tempio Pausania

Held during Tempio’s summer carnival and featuring various ethnic groups from all over the world. This thrilling folklore festival enjoys lively international entertainment including live music, dancing, fireworks and processions.

Time in Jazz - Berchidda

This International jazz festival is one of the most important in Sardinia and features many concerts, exhibitions and shows that are set in unique locations around the village of Berchidda. With entertainment provided by the Sardinia Jazz Network and other local jazz groups from all over the island, this festival takes place every year to celebrate Paolo Fresu, a local trumpet player. 


Festival of Monti Vermentino, North East Sardinia

Monti is a century-old wine village. On the first Sunday of August the sweet smell of grapes is in the air, thanks to the pale yellow local wine. The wine is delicate and refined, and in 1975 Vermentino's wine was confirmed by DOC (Vino a Denominazione di Origine Controllata) and in 1996 it also received recognition from the DOCG (Vino a Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita). People gather in the square near the 1956 Vermentino Cellar (the first on the island to have sold bulk bottled wine), for this two-day festival sampling the wine and folk dancing to local music, with vast bottles uncorked, open air cooking and fresh produce stalls to enjoy. You can also take the TrEnoArchè – the historical train, from Golfo Aranci to the festival.