Central Sardinia - Diary Of Events

The island hosts a feast of festivals and events throughout the year from colourful carnivals to religious processions and these are your chance to experience a piece of true Sardinia.

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Easter - Various locations

At many towns and villages all over the island you will see the local costumes, processions and dramatic displays of Sardinia's various festas commemorating the celebration and history of the Easter season and holiday.



Festa dell' Annunziata - Bitti

The town of Bitti, celebrates the feast of Our Lady of the Annunciation each May.
This is a traditional and religious pastoral festival including celebrations with the novena, the house the pilgrims. Followed by the novinanti, with traditional dancing and events, the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miracle, and the Shrine of the Annunciation, the day of the feast, the path with novinanti. Visitors and tourists are welcome to join in.


S’Ardia Horse Race - Sedilo

One of the most exciting annual events on the island, in which bareback riders race recklessly around the church of Sant'Antine among a lively audience participation. It's a most thrilling spectacle, full of hot tempers, commotion and displays of virility!


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