The North West - Diary Of Events

The island hosts a feast of festivals and events throughout the year from colourful carnivals to religious processions and are your chance to experience a piece of true Sardinia.

Many of the festivities are traditions that have been ongoing for centuries and reveal a lot about the Sardinians themselves and their history. The magnificent costumes and jewellery that the women wear highlight the handicrafts of the island.

Festivals in Sardinia often have a religious theme but there are a plethora of others that celebrate annual events including the fish festival in July where you can sample fried fish or the International Jazz festival in August one of the most important festivals in Sardinia. We have compiled a list of the main festivals and events so if you are lucky enough to be in Sardinia when one is on, you have no excuse to miss it!

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Easter - Various locations

At many towns and villages all over the island you will see the local costumes, processions and dramatic displays of Sardinia's various festas commemorating the celebration and history of the Easter season and holiday.

First Sunday after Easter

Our Lady of Valverde - Alghero

Our Lady of Valverde is celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Easter. Devotees from all over the region flock into Alghero to take part in many various traditional local rituals, the most important of which is a pilgrimage to the magnificent 16th-century sanctuary dedicated to the Saint.

April - September

Festival Alguer - The Anfiteatro Maria Pia and The Forte della Maddalena in Alghero

The Festival Alguer is an excellent summer-long festival, starting April - June for the spring celebration and then June - September for the Summer version! Consisting of live music and culture including jazz clubs from around the local area, open air musicals, daily theatre productions and many more enchanting events which are held at two of Alghero’s most historical venues - The beautiful Anfiteatro Maria Pia and The Forte della Maddalena.


Calvalcata Sarda - Sassari

A truly colourful celebration of Sardinian culture with people from all over the island coming together as one. The town comes alive with exciting and colourful decorations, wonderful costumes, traditional horse shows, local poetry competitions, and some chanting and traditional dances too!


San Giovanni Battista in Alghero

A day of religious and traditional celebrations takes place in Alghero to mark San Giovanni Battista including music shows, horse races, bonfires and a midnight swim.

July & August

XXVI Summer Music - Alghero

Why not immerse yourself in the summer music of Sardinia during this celebration of the beautiful classical sounds of the island with live music concerts playing daily in the Chiostro di San Francesco during July and August.


Alghero’s Cup - Alghero

This is an International Tennis competition, for either tennis or just sport enthusiasts and also for a good summer day out.

Fair of Candelieri - Sassari

Celebration of the Assumption – The Sassarese people renew every year a vow made in the XVI century to the Assumption to free the town from a plague. An event of profound and ancient religious meaning, this fair is nevertheless pervaded by a playful and spectacular atmosphere.


Saint Miquel - Alghero

Every year, in the last days of September, Alghero becomes a a theatre, and the squares and streets host live music, plays and exhibitions. It's a great time to be in Alghero, and is a chance to experience the old traditions.


Alghero Challenge Cup - Alghero

An exciting sailing regatta organised by the Yacht Club of Alghero for the end of the season. This event includes many spectating opportunities from the harbour and including events such as the torch-light procession around the town centre.


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