Sardinia Guide

Sardinia is Italian yet fiercely protective of its own identity.  Equidistant between Europe and Africa it's an island full of allure and intrigue boasting a rich history with an abundance of Neolithic sites and much more.

Regions of Sardinia

Find out more about each individual region of Sardinia and discover what every corner of this beautiful island has to offer during a Sardinia holiday.


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Holiday Ideas

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Cala Biriola beach


Sardinia's spectacular coastline, with its white sand beaches and crystal-clear emerald water, is some of the best that the Mediterranean has to offer.


Nightlife & Cuisine

The nightlife and cuisine in Sardinia is extremely rewarding. Italians spend most of their evening socialising, dining and drinking wine, either on a terrace of a sidewalk café or in a restaurant.

Villa Monica


At Sardinian Places we have a fantastic and diverse range of accommodation from luxury hotels and comfortable villas, to spacious houses.


Sardinia boasts a Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and coastal temperatures averaging 28.5 degrees (83F) in July and August.

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Sardinia History

Sardinia has been populated since Neolithic times; the enigmatic domus di janas or "fairies tombs" cut into rock around the countryside date from this period.

Getting around

Hiring a car is the best way to get out and about, giving you the freedom to explore the island at your leisure.


Culture, Language & Religion

Sardinians are friendly and polite with a strong sense of tradition and a passion for their island. This is reflected in their many festivals and events that take place throughout the year.

Shopping & Markets

Shopping in Sardinia is somewhat low-key with a handful of craft shops in the main tourist areas.


Festivals & Events

The island hosts a feast of festivals and events throughout the year from colourful carnivals to religious processions and is your chance to experience a piece of true Sardinia.

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Sardinia Map

Discover the location of all our properties, the closest airport to your choice of accommodation and all the top landmarks of the island.

Regions of Sardinia

Sardinia will dazzle you with its breathtaking scenery and immaculate unspoilt beaches. Just over 2 hours from the UK, with secluded inlets, rugged cliffs and stunning scenery not to mention the miles of coastline that provide a wealth of water sports and secluded spots to sit back and relax, visitors will not be disappointed.



The Costa Smeralda

The north east of Sardinia is home to the Costa Smeralda, probably the most well known part of the island, with a long stretch of white powder-sand beaches.

Alghero & the N. West

Sardinia’s north west coast shelters the most attractive seaside resorts on the island, interspersed with some really spectacular coastline.

Central Sardinia

Wild and remote, the landscapes of Central Sardinia are spectacular, with valleys, gorges, canyons, forests and towering mountain peaks.

Southern Sardinia

It has taken much longer for visitors to discover the incredibly wild, beautiful and unspoilt region of Southern Sardinia.