Flight Information

Due to the large number of charter, scheduled and low-cost flights to Sardinia, we offer you the opportunity to make your own travel arrangements if preferred or simply allow us to take care of it for you.

We display both flight-inclusive holiday prices and also accommodation only prices, giving you complete flexibility and choice.

Booking Flights

Flights to Sardinia are in abundance, which makes the island very accessible. Our expert team will inform you of all options and costs available so you can decide which itinerary suits your requirements best. Please remember that airlines regularly update their prices so until you confirm your booking, flight prices will be given to you as an indication only.

You should be aware that if you arrange your own flights, it is your responsibility should you encounter any delays, cancellations or reschedules. If your flights have been booked by us, then we will deal with such issues as per our terms and conditions.

Our changeover day for self-catering properties is Saturday although you can fly on a different day and extend your holiday by booking a few nights either side in a hotel.

Infants aged under two on the date of return are not allocated a seat by the airline and must be seated on a parents lap. Children aged two and over are allocated an airline seat. Should you require a seat for an infant, then this can be purchased.

For accommodation only bookings...

Depending how close to departure you are booking, it is possible for us to hold a provisional booking for the accommodation element for 24 hours, giving you time to piece your holiday elements together. Call to arrange this with a member of our sales team on 01489 866978.