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When you stay in a luxury hotel, you’re paying for much more than just a place to spend the night. Here are the top ten reasons why you should pick luxury for your next holiday in Sardinia.

1. Location
Location, location, location. Luxury hotels feature some of the absolute most sought-after locations and Sardinia is no exception. Consider staying in Costa Smeralda, with its stunning beaches (Principe, Pevero, and Romazzino beaches to name a few), or the southern region of Cagliari where you can visit the hilltop citadel (Il Castello) and the longest beach on the island (Poetto beach), or the notable region of Alghero, featuring a historical town where you can hit the shops and stroll the ancient ramparts. Many of the 5* hotels are in the heart of these enchanting settings, enjoying private white sand beaches, sprawling turquoise waters, plentiful restaurants, and charming little towns within walking distance.

Where to sleep
Hotel Carlos V, Alghero – perfectly situated in the town of Alghero, this 5* property offers sea views and is within walking distance of numerous restaurants and shops.

2. Pristine surroundings
Whether the hotel is classic, boutique, modern or rustic, there is always that sumptuous touch and an undeniable comfort from the moment you arrive. You walk into the reception area, the hotel room, the gardens, the rest areas, every second of your getaway is steeped in a level of luxury so exquisite you probably won’t ever want to leave. If you admire quality and well-appointed guest rooms, a luxury hotel is most-definitely the way to go.

Where to sleep
Grand Hotel Cannigione, Cannigione – 5* hotel offering a sophisticated, understated interior design, the fabrics, marble, granite and ceramics all inspired by the time-honoured Sardinian style.

Suite Sea View with Private Terrace - Grand Hotel Cannigione

3. Astounding breakfast
We can’t espresso how much we love the delectable breakfasts in Sardinia. Never mind the scrumptious Italian cooking, you will be able to have your fill of every imaginable breakfast dish, from freshly made pancakes, cheeses, meats, fruits, cakes, pastries, every sort of egg and even pasta! A hearty breakfast will certainly set your day off right.

Where to sleep
Hotel Abi d'Oru, Porto Cervo - with three restaurants and three bars, the Abi d'Oru is recognized for its quality cuisine based on locally sourced ingredients, together with captivating views of the Gulf of Marinella. Breakfast here is delicious and elaborate, providing a great selection that caters to all tastes (and the service is highly rated too).

Breakfast at Hotel Gabbiano Azzurro

4. The recreational amenities are incredible
For us, it is not about the opulent designs and marble floors (though those things are pretty great too), it is about the quality experiences that will be long remembered after your trip. You can experience city tours, spa packages, cycling tours, tennis, golf, wine tastings, cooking lessons and boat excursions, to name a few. We particularly recommend renting a yacht where you can really see the beauty and allure of the Sardinian coastline.

Where to sleep
Villa del Golfo Lifestyle Resort, Cannigione – a fabulous 5* hotel, particularly appreciated for its unique and special experiences, such as trips on the Bonaria yacht, cooking lessons, yoga classes, wine tastings and walking tours.

5. Space and comfort
After a long day of touring, there is nothing like being welcomed back to a luxurious and stylishly furnished hotel room equipped with all comforts. Many 5* properties offer spacious bedrooms, inviting sitting rooms, balconies and large bathrooms. It is such a pleasure to put on one of those white, fluffy robes, to sit on the balcony, and watch the sunset.

Where to sleep
Colonna Resort - a 5* hotel in Porto Cervo, a very exclusive destination in Costa Smeralda. It covers an area of approximately 60,000 square metres, close by to 'Cala Granu' beach.

Presidential Suite - Colonna Resort

6. Superb Service
Staff at our carefully selected accommodations always give you the feeling that they know you and truly value your custom. They show this through their generous hospitality, efficient service, quality cuisine, immaculate grounds and always going the extra mile. An added bonus is that many 5* hotels offer welcome snacks and drinks upon arrival as well.

Where to sleep
Gabbiano Azzuro Hotel & Suites – situated on the Golfo Aranci, this 4*superior property is a family-run hotel, meaning really attentive and personal service. It is no wonder that customers come back year after year.

7. Pool & Spa facilities
Each and every 5* Sardinia Hotel features its own sprawling pool, often sitting right on the oceanfront, along with a private soft sand beach. Some offer several pools in which to choose from, all perfect for swimming leisurely laps, surrounded by plush sun loungers, perfect for sipping cocktails and reading a good book. Don’t forget many upgraded rooms include a private pool of their own!

Where to sleep
Resort Valle dell'Erica Thalasso & SPA – a fabulous 5* resort, perfect for families. For a refreshing swim there are four seawater swimming pools in front of the Archipelago: one directly by the sea, one with three large pools linked by waterfalls cascading down natural rocks, and one for children with different depths.

Resort Valle dell'Erica Thalasso & SPA

8. Breathtaking views
It's no secret that Sardinia has some of the most stunning views. Pick a sea view room and you will be able to enjoy the great Mediterranean, whether it be from your window or from a great big balcony. Sardinia offers an oasis of greens and blues, vibrant historic buildings, granite cliffs and azure ocean waters to be truly admired.

Where to sleep
Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa, Santa Teresa Gallura – a 5* hotel located a few kilometres from Santa Teresa di Gallura, with rooms looking out to two beautiful beaches, Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante, with golden sand and the turquoise hues of the Mediterranean.

Executive Suite Terrace - Colonna Grand Hotel Capo Testa


9. Major R&R
What better way to relax than taking focus on your health, beauty and respite through personal care treatments, such as manicures, massages and facials. Take your pick from bathing in a heated hydromassage pool, saunas, doing some cardio in fully modernised gyms, and having a calming massage from an expert masseuse.

Where to sleep
Hotel Capo d'Orso Thalasso & Spa, Palau – a 5* resort set on an unspoilt corner of Northern Sardinia facing the La Maddalena Archipelago and the Costa Smeralda. This hotel has wellness in mind with the L’Incantu Wellness Centre, with two multifunction seawater pools at different temperatures and a Jacuzzi pool, ten modern chalets for massage and beauty treatments, Turkish bath, relaxation area and sunbathing area with sun loungers.

10. In house restaurants & bars
Luxury properties offer an amazing array of dining options with many offering several different restaurants catering to different tastes and styles. With such a collection of restaurants you certainly won’t find it difficult to find something to your liking (plus the added benefit of it being mere steps from your hotel room).

Where to sleep
Hotel Marinedda Thalasso & Spa, Isola Rossa – a 5* property on the sea, and a short distance from the village of Isola Rossa. Boasting amazing pools and facilities, including quality restaurants. Restaurants at Hotel Marinedda include, the Cascata restaurant, the Petra Ruja restaurant, the Punta Canneddi restaurant, the Tramonto restaurant, Pizzeria Basaricò, and the Horizonte Snack bar.

Punta Canneddi Restaurant - Hotel Marinedda Thalaso & Spa


Each of our luxury properties have been hand-picked by us for their superb location, excellent facilities and renowned service; view our complete collection.

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