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Best hotels for food lovers

For food lovers embarking on Sardinia holidays, the cuisine will be at the forefront of their mind.
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Autumn in Barbagia

Autumn in Barbagia is an annual celebration of the region’s traditions, arts and crafts as well as food and wine in Sardinia’s mountainous interior.
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Ingrid's Sardinia experience

Earlier this month, our Product Executive, Ingrid, took a memorable trip to Sardinia and explored its stunning central region. This was her experience...
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Four festivals in Sardinia to enjoy this April

Sardinia is well known for its festivals, both religious and secular. Some are spectacular with large crowds attending. Others are more laid-back affairs.
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5 things the world should know about Sardinia

This list will allow you to look deeply into Sardinian culture; you will realize that this island has a lot to offer and it’s not only about ‘sea & sun'.
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The World Rally Championship comes to Sardinia

The iconic World Rally Championship (WRC rally) heads to the island of Sardinia in June, promising a breathtaking spectacle across beautiful landscapes.
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In Pictures: The unique traditional costumes of Sardinia

From the cut and colour of the skirt to the embroidered designs on the waistcoat, each village in Sardinia has its own unique traditional costume.
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