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The Little Mermaid in Sardinia!

This beloved tale, given a modern reboot, captures the story of Ariel, a mermaid with aspiration for adventure. This perfect family film shines a light on some stunning locations in northern Sardinia.
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Scuba diving in La Maddalena Archipelago - a diver's paradise!

Whilst Sardinia may not be well known for its scuba diving, it should be! Find out more in our blog.
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Top 5 things to do in Palau

We’ve compiled our favourite things to do in Palau, along with some great accommodation options in and around the town.
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Our first holiday in Sardinia, a guest post

Our guests, Lesley & Ady share their thoughts on their first holiday to Sardinia.
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My idea of paradise

Maxine from our Marketing Department shares her memories of a wonderful trip to Sardinia, including the Maddalena Islands.
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Santa Maria Navarrese and the Lanthia Resort

Santa Maria Navarrese and the Lanthia Resort is the perfect base for exploring Eastern Sardinia...
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