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We're know how eager you are to go on that Sardinia holiday you’ve been dreaming about. If you're not sure what your holiday might look like this year, read our guide which shows you what to expect.


Things will of course be a little different in Sardinia this summer, but we want to reassure you that we’re doing everything we can to make your holiday as safe and enjoyable as possible.

To give you an idea of what to expect, we’ve put together a useful guide which shows you how to travel safely in Sardinia, from the moment you arrive at the airport to stepping foot into your accommodation, and what to expect when you're out and about.


Is Sardinia safe?

From 4th July 2020, Sardinia and the whole of Italy is exempt from the FCDO advice against all non-essential international travel. This is based on current assessments of COVID-19 risks. However, we recommended that you purchase adequate travel insurance before you leave and keep an eye on current FCDO advice for any updates. Please click here for details of insurers providing cover for Covid-19.

All travellers to Sardinia must complete an online registration form at least 48 hours before arriving in Sardinia. If you have not submitted this you will be refused entry.

The form is only available online and we recommend you fill out this form well before the deadline. If you need any help completing it, please contact us.

Click here to fill out the form now

Li Cossi beach (Costa Paradiso) in July


Travelling to Sardinia

  • The UK government requires passengers on all public transport to wear face masks, and this includes flights. They must also be worn on arrival at the airport, when in airport terminals and when boarding the flight. The government have said children up to the age of 10 do not require a mask however it's best to check with individual airlines, as some have adopted a different policy. Every airport is different, so we suggest reading the advice from the UK airport you’re departing from. 
  • We would recommend getting to the airport earlier than you usually would as security checks and boarding may take longer than normal.
  • Please download boarding passes prior to travel (if applicable) and when checking in bags, please try and use the self-service drops where possible. Try and keep hand your hand luggage to a minimum as the crew won't be able to help you put your luggage in the overhead lockers.
  • Maintain social distancing rules in all areas of the airport – these will be the same as in other public places, and make use of the hand sanitisers located around the airport and wash your hands regularly.
  • All airlines, including easyJet and British Airways, have introduced extra safety measures to minimise the risk of infection and protect you at every stage. Aircraft cabins are thoroughly disinfected daily, providing surface protection which is effective for at least 24 hours however we suggest you take a little time to familiarise yourself with the policy of the airline you will be flying with.
  • Onboard services will be limited to water, which will be available on request and passengers are politely asked to refrain from consuming their own food or beverages as much as possible 
  • You won’t see any in-flight magazine as these have been removed to minimise contact between passengers. You will be allowed to use the toilet, but please try to avoid queuing in the aisle.


Arriving in Sardinia

  • As in the UK, face masks will be required in all of Sardinia's airports.
  • Avis, our car hire partners have introduced additional safety measures to keep customers safe. These include careful cleaning, paperless rental agreements and clear social distancing floor markings at rental desks.
  • If you have transfers as part of your holiday they will be provided according to local social distancing guidelines. Masks will be required and travelling groups will sit together. There will also be a reduction in the maximum occupancy of the vehicle.
  • We recommend reading government advice on travel to the country your holiday is based in.


Our villas

You’ve arrived at your private villa, and now it’s time to relax! Social distancing measures won’t be needed here, but any person visiting the property such as the cleaner, gardener and pool maintenance will take extra precautions to keep you safe.

  • Villas will undergo a deep clean between rentals, with cleaners paying additional attention to surfaces, handles and other touchpoints both inside and outside the property. 
  • Linen will be cleaned at a minimum of 60°C in accordance with latest guidelines.
  • Non-essential items, such as ornaments, cushions and books, may be removed from the villa.


Our hotels

Naturally, hotel holidays will need a little more care when it comes to keeping safe. Every hotel and destination will be different, but here’s a breakdown of the sort of safety measures you can expect.

  • Social distancing rules will be shown with floor markings, and it’s likely you will see these in your hotel’s communal areas. Simply ask reception on arrival if anything is unclear.
  • It’s possible that your hotel may ask you to wear a mask in communal areas, including reception and whilst entering and leaving the hotel. 
  • There might be a change in the way some hotels serve food. You may find that your hotel introduces timed dining sittings and table menu service rather than a self-service buffet.
  • Swimming pools will be open and sunloungers and tables will be positioned at a safe distance from one another to allow for social distancing. Hotel staff will be on hand to advise if needed.


Out and about

We appreciate that you will probably have questions about what it’s like in resort at the moment.

We’ve been getting updates from our team in Sardinia, who live on the island all year round, to reassure you that despite the pandemic, you can still have an amazing holiday on this beautiful island. 

Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions:


Will I need to wear a mask?

Mask are mandatory in all enclosed public spaces, including public transport, supermarkets and shops, so always ensure you carry one with you.


Are restaurants and bars open? Are you allowed to dine in or is it outside table service only?

Essentially, it’s business as usual in restaurants and bars. Most of them are open and you can eat inside and out with tables spaced one metre apart. Depending on space, there may be different entry and exit doors. Customers must wear a mask when entering and moving around the establishment, and you may be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival.


What can I expect when shopping? Are face masks compulsory, am I expected to wear gloves and have the shops been fitted with plastic screens?

Masks are mandatory in all supermarkets and shops. Plexiglass screens have been installed at cash desks in most shops, and smaller shops may ask you to wait outside if their maximum capacity has been reached. You can wear gloves if you wish, but it's not compulsory. Masks are readily available to buy in supermarkets and chemists.

What’s happening on the beaches? Is there social distancing with sunloungers on the beaches and are they open as normal?

Most beaches have reopened as normal. The private beach clubs are keeping a 1.5m distance between sunloungers (except if you are from the same group).

Are excursions still operating? What about boat trips and days out?

Boat trips are operating but on a reduced capacity in order to observe social distancing on board.

The number of people using transport, such as coaches or minibuses, has also been cut to maintain social distancing. Archaeological sites, museums and water parks have reopened, but social distancing rules must be observed.


Are markets and festivals going ahead as normal?

Food markets have re-opened. There are some music events, but these are very limited.


What will it be like to travel around Sardinia at the moment?

On buses, passengers must wear masks at all times. If maximum numbers have been reached then you’ll have to wait for the next bus.

For taxis, contactless payment is preferred and please only sit in the back seat. If you have luggage then you will have to load and unload this yourself, but please do not place on the back seat; you will have to open and close the boot and doors yourself.


What happens if I fall ill?

Should you, or anyone in your party develop any symptoms of COVID-19 whilst on holiday please inform our representative, the hotel staff (if applicable) and your insurers immediately.

You will then be offered assistance and advice on the measures you will need to follow, which may differ depending on the type of accommodation you are staying i.e. a villa or a hotel. Do not go to the doctors.

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