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The are so many perks to choosing a holiday in Sardinia, this beautiful Mediterranean island provides plenty of amazing experiences, sights and cuisines! But how do you choose which region is right fo

Our experts have put together three attractions and reasons to choose a holiday in either north or south Sardinia. Sardinia is a diverse destination with so much to do, it can be daunting to know where to visit and how to make the most of your time! Hopefully, this blog will give you a taste of what north and south Sardinian holidays are like and which region suits you best.

North Sardinia

This region, neighbouring southern Corsica, is all about the glitz and the glamour and soaking up the sunshine in beautiful mountain villages and seaside towns. Head to the Costa Smeralda, or enjoy the old town of Alghero, there is plenty to see and do.

1. Beaches

Of course, no summer holiday to Sardinia would be complete without a beach day! There are so many wonderful beaches to choose from. Explore the Costa Smeralda in the north east, where there are plenty of well-sign-posted beaches to enjoy. Or for those seeking a little tranquillity, there are some harder-to-reach beaches that other tourists may not have found! You can read about them on our webpage here.

Over in the central north region, there is the magnificent beach of Santa Teresa, which boasts views out over the Strait of Bonifacio. The nearby bay of Santa Reparta has some delightful stretches of beach to explore too. With a car, anything is possible, allowing you to beach-hop throughout your holiday!

Finally, over on the west coast, in the charming town of Alghero, you will find a fantastic beach in the town, with pristine white sands that stretch around the bay. The waters are calm and shallow, making for the perfect family beach day. You can head to the restaurants lining the shore for a midday refreshment too!

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Speranza Beach

2. Boat trips around La Maddalena archipelago

La Maddalena archipelago is a stunning set of islands just off the coast of Palau on the north east of Sardinia. Take a 40-minute ferry from Palau Harbour, where you will be transported to this beautiful collection of islands. La Maddalena is the largest of the islands, and well worth the visit! 

Make sure to take your swimming gear on this day trip, as the crystal-clear waters are bound to entice you in for a dip. The islands are home to plenty of unspoilt beaches, where many who visit choose to snorkel. You can even scuba dive around these islands, as the natural environment creates a diverse underwater world. On La Maddalena there is also a small town, with shops, cafés and plenty of pretty buildings to admire. 

For a secluded spot, visit La Caprera Island and Cala Portese, this white, soft sand beach won’t disappoint for a calm and serene beach day.

Spiaggia Rosa, Budelli Island, La Maddalena Archipelago.

3. Soak up the glitz and glamour of Porto Cervo

Nestled in the heart of the Costa Smeralda resort, oozing sophistication and charm is Porto Cervo, an upmarket seaside town, lined with cafés, bars and restaurants. The ‘Piazetta’ is perfect for a spot of people-watching with a coffee or a delicious lunch. 

There have been numerous celebrities spotted here, thanks to the harbour that houses some jaw-dropping superyachts, the likes of Beyoncé, Sir Elton John and Christiano Ronaldo have all been spotted enjoying their holidays in Porto Cervo! The are a multitude of posh boutiques selling designer clothes within the shopping arcade, a quaint area well worth a wander around. Many of the buildings here are grotto-like, with pops of pastels and terracottas.‚Äč

Just away from the main town is the Church of Stella Maria, sitting proudly above the sea. This unique building is worth visiting when in the area, enjoy the unique and quirky design that you may not associate with a religious building.

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Stella Maris Church, Porto Cervo.

South Sardinia

Southern Sardinia is an untouched beauty with plenty to see and do, and of course, a stunning coastline! The south is packed with culture, Roman ruins and plenty of beautiful driving routes. It is well worth hiring a car if you are going to stay in this region.

1. Art galleries, museums and Roman ruins

Cagliari is home to plenty of art galleries for those looking to soak up culture whilst on their holidays. The National Art Gallery, the wax anatomical models and the Siamese Art Museum are all based within the city.

There are numerous museums thanks to Sardinia’s interesting history. Nuragica is a terrific museum for people of all ages and kids will love it. Showcasing the story of ancient Sardinian people, who built over 10,000 stone towers over 3,500 years ago. The museum display takes you through a journey of fascinating reconstruction and a multisensory experience that will engage you with the story of Nuragica.  

The Nora ruins, sit along the coastline, just south of Cagliari, these Roman ruins are a beautiful spot to visit and boast lovely views out over the sea. Enjoy the insight into the island's history as you explore the amphitheatre, Roman baths, mosaics, temple, plus several houses and shops. 

Discover more Roman ruins in Sardinia here.

Nora ruins

2. Botanical gardens

The botanical gardens in Cagliari are well worth a visit when in the area, consisting of 12 acres of land in the heart of the city centre. They sit between Villa di Tigello and the Roman Amphitheatre. Founded in 1866 by Patrizio Gennari, they are now home to over 2,000 species of flora. The gardens get their characteristics from Mediterranean flora and plenty of archaeological remains from various periods are dotted around.

Find out more about gardens in Sardinia here.

Cagliari old town

3. Beaches and a trip to Carloforte

Of course, as with the north, the south is home to some rather lovely beaches. Make sure to get out and explore them, feel the powdery sand beneath your feet, the warmth of the blue sea on your skin and the taste of gelato accompanied by a sea breeze. Pure relaxation!
Boat trips to see Carloforte are well worth a day trip. Just off the coast of Portocuso, Carloforte is a town on the island of San Pietro. A small yet charming town, Carloforte is an ancient municipality with remains showing settlement as early as the 8th century. Families arrived from Liguria in Genoa and nowadays the town still has its own language, a fascinating fact about this unique place.

Carloforte town

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