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Embark on unforgettable Sardinia holidays from Birmingham, flying to Alghero on the island's stunning west coast.

At Sardinian Places, we serve several regional airports in the UK, ensuring that countless holidaymakers can enjoy an easy and relaxing journey to the stunning island of Sardinia, wherever they may live in the UK. From the Midlands, you can embark on remarkable holidays from Birmingham to Sardinia via our Birmingham to Alghero flight.

Departing from Birmingham for Alghero at 07:05 every Saturday from May to October, and served by Thomson, this flight is extremely convenient, allowing you to arrive at your accommodation just before lunch, so you can start planning the all important first meal on the island of Sardinia! 

To give you an idea of what you can expect from your holiday from Birmingham to Sardinia, we've compiled a mini guide to get you inspired.


What to see during your holidays from Birmingham

By flying into Alghero, you'll find yourself arriving in one of Sardinia's most alluring and rewarding holiday destinations. In addition to its historical core and affluent character, you'll also find great beaches and beautiful nature in easy reach of Alghero, meaning a diverse holiday experience is guaranteed. Here are three of our tips for your holiday in Alghero.


Explore Alghero

Alghero is a destination filled with character and attractions. From the historic centre with its striking architectural themes and the atmospheric harbour, to its superb range of restaurants and primary landmarks such as its grand Duomo; you'll find countless things to see, do and eat as you explore Alghero.


Visit some of the surrounding vineyards

Easily explored on one or two afternoon visits, the vineyards of Sella and Mosca will give holidaymakers a great introduction to the quality and flavours of Sardinian wine. If you don't fancy making the trips out to the vineyards, you'll find plenty of this wine available in the bars and eateries around Alghero.

Image credit: Niklas Hellerstedf | Flickr)


Hit the beaches

The beach is an undeniable feature of each and every holiday to Sardinia, and you'll be pleased to know that there are several golden strips of sand to pay a visit to during your time in and around Alghero. One of the finest beaches in the area is La Speranza which can be found around 8km south of Alghero.


Where to stay during your holidays from Birmingham

We have a long list of accommodation in reach of Alghero Airport for holidaymakers to choose from for their holiday to Sardinia. Whether you fancy relaxing in a hotel or indulging in a fine villa, you'll find your perfect property among our collection. Here are three options to give you an idea of the types of properties you can choose from.


Casa Angelica

Located just outside of Alghero, this country retreat boasts a stunning swimming pool, two-to-three bedrooms, beautiful grounds and stunning, traditional decor. Both families and small groups of friends will benefit from a stay at Casa Angelica - the perfect choice for those embarking on holidays from Birmingham.


Villa Monica

Added to our property collection in 2016, Villa Monica can be found amid lush green lawns, boasting breathtaking views across hillsides and sprawling fields - the most sedate of countryside escapes. Alghero is just 6km away, making it ideal for meals out or days of historical exploration.


Intrigued by the prospect of a holiday to Sardinia? Check out our Holiday Ideas page where you can get even more inspiration.


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