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5 things the world should know about Sardinia

This list will allow you to look deeply into Sardinian culture; you will realize that this island has a lot to offer and it’s not only about ‘sea & sun'.
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The Holy Week in Alghero - a mystical Catalan event

Planning to visit Sardinia in April? Benefit from going to Alghero and seeing one of the most extraordinary events in all of Sardinia: The Holy Week.
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A walking tour of Cagliari's historic Castello district

Join us on a walking tour of Cagliari's old town, rich in history and offering fabulous panoramic views across the city.
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Children of the Mists by Lexa Dudley

Having enjoyed Lexa Dudley's first novel set in Sardinia so very much my expectations for her second were high. She didn't disappoint.
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San Giovanni Battista Festival and its ancient magic rituals

Discover how to fill your Sardinian holiday with the magic of summer solstice during the authentic Sardinian festival of San Giovanni Battista.
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Festa di sant'Efisio

Read more about this four day festival, one of the largest and most colourful in the world...
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A feast for the eyes at Pula Market

Kathryn from Sardinian Places shares her photos and enjoys the colour, aromas and flavours of Pula Market.
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The pretty town of San Pantaleo

We wander around the beautiful little town of San Pantaleo, sampling its wonderful hot chocolates and intriguing attractions.
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Experiencing a sea urchins festival

Sea urchins are one of Sardinia's delicacies, so much so, each year the island hosts a number of festivals celebrating this tasty shellfish.
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