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Dive into nature in Sardinia's exclusive eco retreat

Updated on Nov 03, 2022 by Ella Brundle

Blog > Dive into nature in Sardinia's exclusive eco retreat

Birdwatching, butterfly spotting and stunning Sardinian scenery. Why Sardinia is the perfect place to immerse in nature.

If you are a nature enthusiast, then Sardinia would make the perfect destination for you! Their eco-conscious attitude as an island really shines through when you are visiting, with crystal- clear waters, plenty of trees and green spaces and even their extensive recycling regulations!

Across the island you will find plenty of wildflowers, along the roadside, in parks and in town centres. The Sardinian people are proud of the herbs that also grow throughout the island – creating a unique aroma that you will fall in love with as you explore the landscape.

One particular property that really champions Sardinian wildlife is Cascioni Eco Retreat, an 44-acre park set within the 89-acre Padula Saloni nature reserve. At the retreat you can take part in birdwatching at their stunning, natural wooden birdwatching tower. Climb the steps up into the canopy of the trees and find yourself overlooking the Padula Saloni Oasis. Here you will be treated to the sight of herons and other native birds, flitting across the reserve. During the spring and autumn, hundreds of birds descend on the island, creating a bird watchers paradise. You will also notice the many butterflies floating by; Sardinia is home to around 65 species!

Within the hotel grounds is a vegetable garden, olive tree grove with 3,000 trees, an olive oil mill and herb garden. All these elements are used within the hotel and its kitchens – olives are pressed and the oil bottled, branded with the retreat’s own logo. The oil has a delicious smooth flavour that is a delight to eat with bread and balsamic vinegar. Learn about the olive harvest during your stay, take a relaxing stroll through the grove and lend a helping hand in preserving the olives in preparation to eat.

The wonderful produce within the garden is not only used by the chefs but in the on-site spa too. Guests who book themselves into the luxurious and modern spa, can take a wander down to the herb garden and choose their favourite fragrant herb, they will then receive an indulgent treatment based around their herb of choice - the lemon thyme is a particular favourite of the hotel manager! You will notice that there are hints of botanicals throughout the hotel too, as they are used to create many natural toiletries used in the hotel, such as soap and hand cream, producing a charming smell that emanates through the buildings. 

Experience a talk from the resident beekeeper, watch bees busying themselves around the hives within the hotel grounds, whilst relishing the beautiful mountain views. Head back to the restaurant for a cheese board where you can sample the homemade honey for yourself. At breakfast time enjoy eggs from the free-range chickens that roam freely around the vegetable garden, whilst overlooking the inviting outdoor swimming pool, built using local marble.

If you are ready for a little activity and action within nature, then head down to the mooring pier where you can take kayaks out onto Padula Oasis and independently explore, immerse in nature and enjoy the warmth of the Sardinian sun. If hiking is your activity of choice, choose from one of the many trails in the nature park to soak up the sights of the wildlife. Once you have worked up an appetite, enjoy a romantic picnic in nature in the shade of the trees, perhaps with a glass of local wine.

From start to finish everything about the Cascioni Eco Retreat is a joy to be a part of. Set in quiet, well-kept grounds, with high quality food and drink, friendly staff who are more than happy to make your stay as comfortable as possible and breathtaking scenery. Book your break in nature and soak up the sights, smells and sounds of the retreat for yourself!



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