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Sardinia is a wonderful country to visit. Beautiful areas to explore, delicious cuisine to sample & wonderful accommodation, our experts have put together some interesting facts you may not know.

1. Sardinia has its own language

An official language of its own, Sardinian is still spoken widely across the island. In Alghero Catalan is spoken and on the tiny island of Carloforte, the Genoese dialect of Tabarkine is used. Find out more about the Sardinian culture here.

2. Sardinia is one of the world's Blue Zones

Studies suggest those that live in Blue Zones live the longest, attributed to factors such as the climate, diet, family values and of course, their daily glass of wine! 

3. There are historical sites over 3000 years old

There are over 7000 Nuraghi (round stone towers) built on the island that date back to 1800BC. The Nuraghe of Barumini, found in central Sardinia, is listed as a World Heritage site.

4. There are no toll roads in Sardinia

Driving on the Sardinian roads is completely free! Outside of the major cities driving in Sardinia is very quiet and hassle-free, plus you can easily drive from North to South in under 4 hours. Find out about car hire here.

5. It is home to the deepest canyon in Europe

The Gorropu Canyon is the deepest canyon found in Europe, with walls over 500m you will also find rare flora and fauna here including the endemic endangered plant Aquilegia nuragica. 

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