5 reasons not to go all inclusive in Sardinia

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All inclusive holidays might tick all the boxes for some holidaymakers, but they're not for everyone. Here are 5 reasons to avoid going all inclusive on your next Sardinia holiday.

All inclusive holidays typically include all three meals, unlimited drinks and often some activities as part of a set package. While this may sound appealing to some, there are plenty of holidaymakers who prefer self-catering packages or hotel holidays with more flexible board bases – and with good reason.

If you're wondering why, here are just five ways we believe you could benefit from not choosing an inclusive holiday in Sardinia.


5 reasons not to go all inclusive in Sardinia

1. Support the local economy

Having too many all inclusive hotels in one resort can be damaging for small, local businesses which heavily depend on tourism.

Although they bring tourists to a resort, by offering everything as a package, all inclusive hotels encourage guests to stay within their four walls. After all, who wants to pay for things twice?

Choosing to not to go all inclusive in Sardinia will inevitably mean that more of your money will go directly to the smaller restaurants, bars, shops and cafés in the local area, many of which will need it more than the bigger hotels and resorts.

Dinner and drinks in Pula


2. Enjoy variety

Typically, staying on an all inclusive board basis means you'll enjoy all – or most – of your meals in the hotel.

By choosing a self-catered package or a hotel holiday on another board basis, you're encouraged to venture out into the village or town you're staying in to sample local restaurants, cafés and bars. After all, eating on holiday is just as much about the cultural experience as it is about new flavours.

This way, you'll experience a far more diverse array of Sardinian cuisine, which you may not find in a hotel. Traditional Sardinian dishes to look out for include Malloreddus, the island’s signature pasta, Su Porcheddu, roast suckling pig, and the popular dessert, Seadas – pastries stuffed with cheese and drizzled in honey.

Su Porcheddu, roast suckling pig


3. Escape the crowds

When you think of an all inclusive hotel, you tend to imagine a big, bustling resort packed full of facilities – and people. While this style of holiday might suit some looking for a vibrant atmosphere, there's lots to be said for choosing a smaller, more intimate hotel.

The peaceful Nora Club Hotel is a great example. Tucked away in southern Sardinia, it offers a bed and breakfast board basis and has just 27 rooms, perfect for a romantic getaway.


4. Explore beyond your hotel

All inclusive holidays make it irresistibly convenient to spend most of your time in the hotel, with unlimited food, drink and entertainment keeping you by the poolside.

While this can save you money, it also means that you could miss out on lots of fantastic sightseeing opportunities and adventures outside your hotel.

Pick up some souvenirs at the local market, buckle up your walking boots and explore Sardinia's mountainous interior, or take a scenic boat trip; the whole island is on your doorstep!

For more inspiration, take a look at these 10 things not to miss in Sardinia.


5. Enjoy the best of both worlds

If you like the idea of having some meals included in your holiday, but still want to sample the local culture on your doorstep, you can choose a hotel holiday with Full Board, Half Board or even B&B bases and enjoy the best of both worlds. Have breakfast and lunch at the hotel, and head out into town for dinner and drinks!

At Villa del Golfo Lifestyle Resort in Cannigione, staying on a Half Board basis gives you the choice to dine at three restaurants, two of which are outside of the hotel. This 'Dine Around' package gives you the chance to experience different restaurants and cuisines in your local area, while still saving money.

Cutter Lounge & Restaurant, one of the three restaurants in Villa del Golfo's 'Dine Around' package.



What about self-catering package holidays?

And then there's self-catering package holidays. One of our favourite things about self-catering package holidays in Sardinia is that you get the freedom to either explore the culinary scene of the island, or enjoy some home cooking followed by al fresco dining – what a wonderful way to make the most of the Mediterranean weather!

At Sardinian Places, we offer stunning villas with private pools and a handful of self-catering residences by the beach; there really is a self-catered package holiday to suit everyone.

If you like the sound of a self-catered holiday in Sardinia, browse our full selection of self-catered package holidays.

Villa Girolia


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