5 beaches to visit in Sardinia this summer

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Embarking on a Sardinia holiday next summer? Pack your swim gear and make a beeline for one, if not all, of these wonderful Sardinia beaches.

For those heading on a Sardinia holiday in the summer, you'll be treated to some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean, from quiet coves and secluded bays, to long strips of sand and atmospheric coastal spots.

We've done our best to whittle down our favourite beaches on the island and present a top 5 for holidaymakers to embrace during their Sardinian hunt for the sun, sand and sea. 


1. Cala Mariolu

Considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches on the island of Sardinia, Cala Mariolu is a stunning horseshoe cove located on the east coast of Sardinia. The white sand and turquoise water are wonderfully welcoming, and whether you choose to laze on the sand in the sunshine or take to the water to enjoy some of the island's finest snorkelling, a day or two spent on Cala Mariolu will undoubtedly be among the highlights of your Sardinia holiday.


2. Su Giudeu Beach

Located at the southernmost point of the island of Sardinia, Su Giudeu Beach is an ideal daytrip for holidaymakers based in Sardinia's capital city, Cagliari. While the beach is visually beautiful, there is also a sense of action and adventure amid this scene of paradise. Offshore reefs ensure the beach is a hunting ground for surfers and scuba divers who prefer to spend their time in and around the waves.

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3. Capriccioli Beach

Strap on a snorkel mask at this beautiful location, Capricciolo Beach's clear water and rocky areas provide a superb setting for some underwater exploration, with an abundance of marine life waiting to be discovered. For those that fancy staying out of the water, the fine sand here and the beautiful verdant surrounding of trees and flowers ensure this beach is a truly paradisiacal setting.


4. Tuerredda Beach

Another superb southern beach serving Cagliari, Tuerredda Beach is a little more rugged, isolated and wild than some of its neighbours, but in no way is it less beautiful. The natural splendour of its setting is one of the key ingredients of a memorable visit to Tuerredda Beach, best appreciated while lazing on the soft sand or paddling in the clear blue water.


5. Cala Brandinchi

Visitors will be blown away by the incredible, clear waters which define the breath-taking beach of Cala Brandinchi. The beach is very popular, which is no surprise given its fame and beauty, but it is usually easy enough to find a spot on the soft sand to relax upon, since the sand stretches for over 700 metres. The calm waters are perfect for swimming in, while the surrounding pine trees provide ample shade in which to enjoy a lunchtime picnic.


Has this post inspired you to discover some more of Sardinia's wonderful coastline?

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