15 photos proving Sardinia offers more than a beach holiday

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Blog > 15 photos proving Sardinia offers more than a beach holiday

We've put together a collection of photos to prove that a holiday to Sardinia offers far more than a great range of stunning beaches.

The majority of holidaymakers will identify Sardinia as a fantastic beach holiday destination, which is fully justified considering the stunning range of beaches, bays and coves that populate the island's coastline, but there is far more to inspire a Sardinia holiday than just the sand. You can enjoy a diverse holiday experience on this island of variety and intrigue, from adventurous activities and cultural insights to wonderful dining and historical exploration.

Whichever region of Sardinia you choose to stay in, you won't find yourself limited when it comes to attractions, activities and things to see and do. To give you a flavour of the island's enchanting diversity, we've compiled a collection of some inspiring photos which showcase that Sardinia offers more than a just beach holiday to its visitors.


1. Enjoy San Pantaleo's pretty square


2. Witness traditional costumes during the Sa Sartiglia Festival


3. Stroll the streets of Cagliari's captivating old town


4. Explore Sardinia's coastline on horseback


5. Discover the stunning landscapes of Central Sardinia


6. Sample cheese for sale at Pula Market


7. Encounter the ancient Nora Ruins


8. Get active across a range of water sports


9. Get a taste for Sardinia via the hearty traditional cuisine


10. Soak up distant views of Castelsardo's famous castle


11. Get involved in festive celebrations in Central Sardinia


12. Go beneath the surface into Neptune's Grotto


13. Head back to the 17th Century BC at Su Nuraxi


14. Hit the water and explore by kayak


15. Admire the artistry of Orgosolo's many political murals


Are you starting to curate a Sardinia holiday itinerary in your mind after scrolling through this photography? Get a step closer to planning your trip by having a look through our fantastic range of accommodation in Sardinia; we're sure you'll find your ideal place to stay on the island.


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