Beaches in Sardinia

Sardinia's spectacular coastline boasts endless bays and coves with white sand beaches and crystal-clear emerald water. The island's beaches are genuinely some of the best the Mediterranean has to offer.

It is beautifully varied with dramatic limestone mountains dropping to secluded coves in the east, sand dunes in the west and glorious beaches to the north and south, most with gently shelving shorelines and shallow waters - perfect for all ages, including young children.

The beaches in Sardinia are incredibly clean and whether you're in one of the secluded bays or on one of the busier town beaches you will always find a very good standard of cleanliness - both in terms of the beach itself and in the quality of the water.

Cala Biriola beach

A good range of water sports is available on most coasts during summer, including waterskiing and windsurfing. Porto Pollo, near Palau in the north is a favourite spot for surfers and also the place for kite-surfing. Sailing is another popular pursuit, particularly around Alghero, the Costa del Sud, the Costa Smeralda and the Maddalena archipelago, however most will have to make do with joining a group with a full crew. Sardinia is also one of the Mediterranean's best locations for diving and there are local outfits offering tuition and excursions with full equipment provided.

Rather than give a long list of beaches we have broken them down into regions - just click on the links to select your choice. Please be aware that this is far from exhaustive, we've just tried to give a flavour of the breathtaking beaches Sardinia has to offer.

Beaches by region

There are some fantastic beaches around Sardinia.  Why not discover the many beaches by each region: